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Our Team

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An expert who continuously study COVID penetrative cases including the impact of second strain and the air quality Index in various area through our sources and these data are studied which are available by various real time input.

His expertise in the field of Air Purifiers and Air Filters is immense

As a Head marketing his idea is OUT of Box 

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Dr Ravi 

As core advisor to MRSD  obtained his doctorate degree from University of Navarra, Spain (Year 2013) and completed his postdoc at Centre for molecular at plant genetics (CMPG), KU Leuven, Belgium.


Currently, Dr. Ravi is guiding us  as an expert  professor to understand the Pure Air regime. An Expert  in  His research includes computational biology, bioinformatics, structure biology and deep learning.

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An expert to Customer relationship management who has wisely applied  combination of practices, strategies and technologies  to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.


She instruments to improve customer service relationships and assist in customer retention and drive sales growth across different channels, or points of contact, between the customer and the company. 

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Dedicated mech engineer, exploring environmental segments ranging over climatic change to major global concern and its solutions.

Providing innovative  infusion to deal problem of air pollution, instilling the ideology of clean and pure  air around us,  working on methods to Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Solution expert with a great experience of years in the field of clean air technology.

Col Manish the Visionary in Defence and Has a Potential Plannaing capabilities. Pushing for Pure Air  COVID free setup
Col Manish 

Have had the opportunity to handle numerous defence procurement and program development along with Subject Matter Experts from Aerospace & Defence Domain including manufacturing. Have previously worked with R&D organisations and have assisted  clients and provided a complete solution – from strategy formulation to execution.

As a visionary and an expert promulgate  deliverables,  from business house to the environment, With intense social responsibility innovated and created Pure Air COVID free Installation mission.


An apt  Founder partner for project success for clients across globe.

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As as active advisor and Senior program partner has Over 8+ years of experience in Project Implementation, Project Management, Application Management and with technical expertise in Support.

His strength is in Project Management and Implementation in e-Governance Project experience Regime.

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With her vast experience Identify brand amplification opportunities; collaborate closely with Corporate Communications, other marketing teams and distribution to develop and incorporate brand messaging into global communications.

An expert who generate ideas to better connect our brand with clients.

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