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How Bad Air is Affecting our Lives ?

“Very poor air quality index may cause respiratory illness with intake of virus to the people on prolonged exposure. Effect may be more pronounced in people with lung and heart diseases.”

MRSD, in a comprehensive manner study few common elements while installing an AQI system with informatics that is suitable for HVAC architect in location and we have a combination of customized technology that meets the subject aim.

Approximate Cost of the project is based on the cumulative structure that is to be covered under the Pure Air mission, of area covered space, this can be further divided in different combination and option.

What is the Liability?

It is a potential liability that authorities and management would like to address, pandemic spreads, costly repairs due to existence of molds, carbon monoxide and other such nuances in the environment, required to be controlled, aim is to support globally all Govt and Non Govt Initiative to eradicate such spread and remain healthy.

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